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Comprehensive implementation of machine safety issues

We are experts in machinery safety

We provide a comprehensive approach to machine safety. From problem identification to its solution. We provide support to machine manufacturers, users, and conduct training. Our experienced team is characterized by knowledge acquired during machine construction and modernization projects. Thanks to this, our services related to machine safety assessments are of unique quality. We approach the issue from the user's perspective. Despite the high level of complexity of the issue, we try to explain the relevant requirements and promote the creation of a security culture.

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Machines assessments
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Machines remediations
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Trainings and consultations

Machine safety practitioners!

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Support for machine manufacturers

Support in the preparation of a machine security concept, including a design that is safe in itself. We participate in risk assessments of machines and support in the selection of appropriate harmonized standards applicable to a given machine.
We perform calculations to meet appropriate safety levels for both control systems and structures. We provide designs of superior security systems.
We advise on the selection of technical risk measures. We provide substantive support to designers, project managers and people formally responsible for introducing the machine to the market. We program safety controllers.
We have our own workshop where we make machine covers. We provide designs of superior security systems.
We support in preparing technical documentation for machines. We prepare instructions, declaration templates, risk assessment sheets, ergonomic analyses and technical calculations.
We will carry out a full conformity assessment process, authorizing you to mark the machine with the "CE" mark and issue an EC Declaration of Conformity.
We offer substantive support at every stage of machine design. We provide training for project teams. We train in the field of directives applicable to machines and harmonized standards.

Support for production plants

It is worth considering the issues of safe installation already at the stage of considering a new implementation. We help in selecting appropriate machines, evaluating suppliers, creating layouts and preparing the installation site.
We propose a unique scenario for performing inspections that meet the minimum requirements. We do not limit ourselves to just inspecting the machine. We verify all regulations related to providing work equipment to employees. We check both the technical condition of the machine, its working environment and the impact of harmful factors on the workplace.
Each machine, whether newly installed or after relocation, modernization or one that has not been used for a long time, should undergo appropriate inspection, according to a separate scenario. We offer tailor-made solutions.
Without exception, a newly installed machine must meet the essential requirements. Since the manufacturer is not required to provide complete technical documentation for the machine, checking whether these requirements are met is difficult. Based on our experience, we can carry out an appropriate inspection even with limited documentation and instructions.
Based on our experience, we offer a service of restoring technical documentation for machines. We prepare instructions and perform physical inventory for control systems. We also help in recovering source codes from control devices.
We fully adapt machines and workstations to the minimum safety requirements. This is done using the latest technological achievements and current technical standards. Where applicable, we carry out our modernizations in accordance with the essential requirements and apply the "CE" marking
We offer substantive support at every stage of machine operation. We provide training for engineering teams, maintenance departments and security services. We train in the field of directives applicable to machines, national regulations and standards specifying requirements for the safe use of work equipment.

Audit, inspection, assessment

Do you want to check if your machine is safe? Take advantage of the experience and knowledge of experts! We will inspect the machine for you, prepare a Conformity Assessment report, prepare an Adjustment Plan, and then implement corrective actions. We ensure the safety of your employees.
Are you a machine manufacturer? We will help you to ensure that the machine you are building can be CE marked. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that your machines meet the appropriate requirements.

CMSE® Certified Machinery Safety Expert

Are you wondering whether your machine meets the appropriate requirements? Are you wondering if your machine is safe? We are machine safety experts with appropriate certificates confirming the degree of expertise. Above all, we are experienced practitioners. Our knowledge is the result of completing many projects for the construction and modernization of machines. We are happy to share our knowledge. With our help, you can be sure that your machine will meet the appropriate requirements and be safe.


We are not theorists. We are practitioners. Our knowledge is the result of experience with real technical problems. Thanks to these experiences, you receive unique knowledge. We will offer you the most optimal solutions to meet the relevant requirements. We approach the issue holistically and very carefully.

Technical support

We support both machine manufacturers and employers. The machine safety requirements for both parties are complementary. For manufacturers, we offer support in developing appropriate documentation and selecting appropriate risk reduction measures to meet essential requirements. We support employers in identifying threats and adapting machines to minimum requirements.

Trainings and consultations

Do you want to train your staff? Do you need consultation on legal or technical requirements related to machine safety? We are happy to share our knowledge! Our experts have experience in conducting training and thematic seminars. We convey knowledge in a way that is understandable to the recipients. We point out nuances and myths related to machine safety.

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