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Machinery Service & Maintenance

Production process support

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Maintaining the efficiency of machines

Professional service and maintenance for your machines

We provide technical support in the field of repairs, adjustments and overhauls of machines. We will restore your machines to full working order. We offer service from simple assembly stations, through robots and entire technological lines. With us, you will perform preventive periodic inspections, we will organize a maintenance department for you and we will coordinate its operation.

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Machine service
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Machine refits

We implement service contracts on a 24/365 basis.


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Continuity of production

We offer you peace of mind. As part of our cooperation, you will receive access to technicians and engineers focused on quick action. We are perfectly aware of the impact that maintaining production continuity has on the operation of the plant and relationships with customers. That is why we can offer you term contracts for periodic services, ongoing maintenance and contracts for 24/365 service readiness.

Comprehensive support

By working with us, you will be able to benefit from our experience. A large base of contractors, companies we cooperate with and an integrated team of specialists in various fields guarantee quick implementation of the most difficult and urgent repairs. We have our own spare parts warehouse and ensure quick deliveries of components from suppliers. We have the competences and the ability to produce components ourselves. We also offer dedicated spare parts warehouses and external warehouse services.


Each machine downtime or industrial installation failure generates production losses. Efficiency drops and delivery delays occur. We offer maintenance services based on subscription contracts and ad-hoc activities. We have our own mechanical workshop where, if necessary, we can perform major repairs. Our service technicians and technical support engineers are equipped with the appropriate tools to perform service tasks.


Let us organize your Maintenance Department and in return you will receive access to the best specialists in machine repairs. We have experience in implementing TPM procedures and preventive plans. We will run a CMMS system and organize cooperation with your planning department.

Technical support

Do you have a problem with the machine not functioning properly? Our technical support engineers will help you solve technical problems of your machines. We will propose improvements and then implement them. We will make components, carry out renovations, and propose more durable solutions.

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