Restore the efficiency of your machine

Machinery modernization

from analysis to increasing efficiency

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New life for your machine

Modernizations increasing efficiency, stability and safety

Are you planning to change the model of the product you produce? There is a shortage of spare parts on the market because the manufacturer withdrew the components from sale? The machine does not meet current occupational safety requirements? We modernize and rebuild machines to restore their efficiency and increase efficiency, taking into account the current state of technology and safety requirements.

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Brownfield with the efficiency and modernity of Greenfield.

Do you know that...?

Recbuilding of the machine to a new product is even possible
cheaper than a new machine
The expected life cycle of the machine is
By replacing the controls and drives you will save up to
a year due to no downtime and energy savings

Avoid downtime, make retrofit

Do your machines break down frequently? Due to the poor technical condition of machines, are you having trouble meeting delivery deadlines? Is the control system made of components no longer available for sale? The machine controller is so old that no one knows how to program it? The solution may be to renovate and modernize your machine. Our team will perform an inspection for you and select appropriate technical solutions that will ensure that your machine continues to work and earn money. We will make mechanical parts and replace control system components, thanks to which your machine will be at the current technological level. If your process requires it, we will also add new functionalities, so you will be able to use the machine in other areas of your business.

Take care of your safety

Your machine does not meet safety requirements? Do you need support in adapting your machine to the minimum requirements? You've come to the right place! We are experts in machine safety, which has been certified by partners operating globally in the areas of control, audit and certification. We will inspect the machine for you, prepare a Conformity Assessment report, prepare an Adjustment Plan, and then implement corrective actions. We ensure the safety of your employees. We will reduce the risk, making your employees safer. Thanks to us, you will increase the safety of your production comprehensively, which will shorten the time and save money of the project.

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Restore performance

The machine has to work to make money for you. If your machine breaks down frequently, the TCO analysis may show that production is unprofitable. What if it is a key machine in the process? By modernizing the machine, you will significantly reduce its failure rate, and any downtime will be much shorter. The new control will provide you with quick diagnostics and component availability.

Reconstruction for a new project

Are you starting a new production project and you would like to use the machine from the previous one? Contact us and we will adapt your machine to your current needs. We will make mechanical modifications, change the control algorithm, and, if necessary, install new functionalities. By modifying the machine, you will shorten the time needed to implement and launch new production.

Safety = efficiency

Maintaining an appropriate level of machine safety is a legal requirement. But it is also a matter of responsibility for employees and the employer's image. An appropriate level of safety culture allows you to reduce costs related to workplace accidents and employee turnover. Taking care of the safety of machines is not only about cost. This is an investment that increases the operational efficiency of your production.

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