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We prepare and implement technologies

We build machines tailored to your needs

Do you want to place an order for a special machine? Do you need a custom-made machine? We design machines tailored to your needs. With us you will implement the project from concept to implementation. We will also provide you with full after-sales support.

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We focus on reliability, quality and safety.

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Quality and safety without compromise

In our daily work, we rely on modern technical solutions. We introduce ideas related to Industry 4.0 into our solutions. Thanks to this, the machines, lines and production stations we build not only meet the appropriate requirements, but can also increase the level of innovation in your plant.
When implementing projects, we use recognized and proven solutions. We focus on reliability, operational stability, speed of operation and scalability. We pay special attention to meeting strict legal requirements and current technical standards applicable to a given project. Our machines are marked with the "CE" mark and we issue "EC Declarations of Conformity" for them. Each machine undergoes an internal "Conformity Assessment" process.

Cost-effective production

The challenges of the modern Digital Economy require continuous improvement of the production process. The answer is solutions that allow you to scale your production. Many hours of changeovers or diversification of production resources for different product indexes generate fixed costs. This reduces the profitability and competitiveness of the company. Old production methods are inefficient and therefore expensive to maintain. Therefore, in order to increase competitiveness, we promote the use of modern solutions based on the principles of Industry 4.0. We provide solutions that will help you meet the requirements of your contractors and the business environment. Ease of changing the model, removing bottlenecks, TCOs analysis (Total Cost of Ownership) is what we deal with in each of our projects. We will try to offer you the most optimal solution. Not only for today, but also for "tomorrow".

Opportunity to develop

One of the greatest threats to industrial plants is the lack of security of production capacity. A common limitation is technological capabilities that prevent the implementation of specific needs of contractors. Machine construction in the BTS model will allow you to solve limitations related to the availability of production resources.

Tailored solutions

Can't find a machine on the market that meets your expectations? That's okay. With us you will build a machine that meets your needs. We will guide you through the process of developing the concept, pre-implementation simulations, and ending with implementation. And then we will take care of the efficiency of our machine.


Increase your competitiveness with special solutions that allow you to perform your production tasks even better. Increase productivity by using machines that perform processes automatically. Increase the efficiency of your staff with specialized assembly stations. Gain greater production profitability with solutions that optimize the cost of ownership of manufacturing resources.

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