Low-Cost Automation

Gravitational conveyors


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Perfection in simplicity

  • Improving the ergonomics of the workplace
  • Light construction
  • Low implementation cost
  • Easy to move
  • Adapted to the process
  • Durable
  • Do not require a power source
  • Ready for self-installation

No drives, safe, budget-friendly. Karakuri conveyor solutions can be used wherever simple and effective transport or storage of goods in close proximity is necessary.

Karakuri is an excellent way to deliver assembly components between lines, machines and production cells. It can also be used to transport finished elements, creating a closed supply chain.

Our conveyors increase the efficiency of production process flow. They provide greater work flexibility, reduce the burden on employees, and simplify and speed up the process.

Operation of Karakuri gravitational conveyors

Gravity conveyors are distinguished by the fact that they do not have a mechanical drive and do not require an external power source for their power supply. All details move only by gravity or are pushed manually. Due to this, gravity conveyors are useful, among others, at work stations where details are transported at low speed, e.g. at assembly stations.

Karakuri are characterized by high durability, so they can be used in various industries, also in the case of goods of significant weight and dimensions. Gravity conveyors do not require power supply, so their operation does not involve additional costs. Forn. this reason, they are a very economically advantageous solution.

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Process optimization

Karakuri' optimization potential can be used to transfer assembly details of irregular shapes, ensuring quick and safe transport while maintaining the appropriate movement path of the details.

The Karakuri gravity conveyor is characterized by light construction and simple assembly. Modifying the structure is extremely efficient. Despite all this, Karakuri solutions remain almost failure-free.

The gravity conveyor contributes to the acceleration of the entire transport process of assembly details, and the usefulness of the mechanism is confirmed during continuous operation of the production cell. By optimizing activities, it is easier to ensure ergonomics and work flexibility of both the workstation and the people working at it.

The design of gravity conveyors can be adapted to the needs of a given workstation. Thanks to the individual approach to the construction of each Karakuri, they can be adapted to the space available at the workplace and the size of the transported products. Karakuri may also have additional equipment, e.g. if the solution is to be mobile, it can be equipped with locking wheels. There are also many other options for modifying our conveyors, so they can be adapted to the needs of a given workplace and type of products. The Karakuri conveyor may have, for example, end stops, a system of side supporting profiles, bands or supports.

Advantages of gravity conveyors

Details using Karakuri can be moved both down and up. The downward movement is carried out on an inclined plane using the force of gravity. Upward movement can be achieved by using counterweight systems and elevators. In this way, fluidity and appropriate speed are ensured in a closed supply chain.

Karakuri can be quickly and easily adapted to changing workflows, including by selecting specific routes, queuing and reorienting products. To increase this effect, it is worth using AGV trucks or mobile autonomous AMR robots, which have an even greater impact on the efficiency of production activities.

The Karakuri gravity conveyor is used in all types of production halls where it is important to maintain a quick and uncomplicated flow of details from one place to another in a closed supply chain. Combined with transport robots, they are an appropriate complement to the production line.


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