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of production processes

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We increase process efficiency

Robotization of technological processes

Currently robotization currently plays a key role in increasing production efficiency. Robots are often the only technical solution for carrying out complex assembly or welding processes. Robotization ensures continuity of production, no staff fatigue and high repeatability of activities.

We create applications using classic industrial robots, collaborative robots (cobots), and also using AMR/AGV mobile robot platforms.

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Robot integration
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Collaborative robots
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Mobile robotics

Palletizing, handling, bin-picking, grinding and many others.

Do you know that...?

In each subsequent year, there is an increase by
in the number of robots installed in Poland compared to the previous year
The average cost of installing one robot is comparable
with the cost of
human work positions / year
of production processes
performed by humans
can be replaced by a robot

What can you achieve with robotization?

Thanks to robotization, you can increase efficiency, productivity and profitability of production. Robots guarantee repeatability and high precision of task execution. By replacing human work with robots, you free up resources that can bring added value to the tasks you perform. Robotization works primarily in repetitive processes, high standardization and mass production. Mechanical assembly, welding, packaging and all other processes that are monotonous for humans can be robotized. You will move the freed resources to where people are irreplaceable in the process. All the hard work will be done by robots.

Robotization helps you evolve

Replacing hard human work with robotization is currently one of the main directions of industry development. Large manufacturing companies rely on robotization, thanks to which they increase their competitiveness. More and more tasks in the production area involving repetitive activities are performed by robotic systems. From internal transport using AMR or AGV mobile robots, through supporting employees in some activities with collaborative robots (cobots), to large applications with robot cells, where manual work is not effective in an increasingly demanding market.

Improving profitability

To increase the profitability of your organization, delegate non-value-added tasks to robots. This will increase the competitiveness of your business because the cost of investment and keeping the robot in operation is much lower than performing repetitive activities by human resources. Move these resources to tasks where they really matter.


Robots are precise and perform tasks exactly as programmed. This allows for precision of workmanship. You will reduce assembly errors and the costs of defective products.

Additional resources

With limited human resources, robotization allows them to be supplemented. Relieve your employees of heavy and repetitive tasks. Unleash their creativity by giving them more challenging tasks. This will also encourage potential new employees to cooperate with you and stay for a long period of time.

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