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The company's idea is to support the development of a modern and effective economy. We operate in the field of production automation. We build machines to order, modernize and robotize industrial processes.

Comprehensive technology supplier

We believe that competitiveness is primarily related to innovation. We promote the idea of the Industry of the Future, Industry 4.0. Through individual approach to each client, as well as non-standard solutions, we provide our partners with products and services tailored to their needs.

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Work experience

Our advantage is the ability to benefit from the experience of our global business partners. We have extensive technical experience in most industrial sectors, which allows us to implement complex projects


Quality and safety

We do not compromise on the quality of workmanship and the safety of our implementations. We prepare for each project meticulously, trying to eliminate any problems from the very beginning.



We do our best to be perceived as a trustworthy partner – we apply to our duties diligently and responsibly. Openness, trust and willingness to cooperate are the main determinants of our company organizational culture.


Competent team

Our team consists of specialized engineers and technicians with a high level of knowledge in the field of automation and robotics. We have extensive experience gained in various industries.

The idea

Our role is to provide solutions that increase the efficiency of production processes


Your external construction department

Do you run a manufacturing business, but don't have your own engineering resources? Do you need to improve your process or introduce new technological solutions?

We have built a solid team that can also work for you. We can support you in your construction works. We will perform all necessary technical analyses, check the profitability of the project, and if it is implemented, we will effectively bring it to a successful completion.

We cooperate with over 200 large and medium-sized companies in various industries. We provide unique, tailored and scalable technological solutions that improve production efficiency and work safety. We provide digital transformation solutions that enable companies to work in the modern world of Industry 4.0. Our motivation is achieving your goals.

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The mission

Supporting entrepreneurs in the way of sustainable development, using the achievements of science and technology and implementing the most ambitious projects, in accordance with the idea of Industry 4.0.


The vision

To be a recognized brand, based on the principles of honesty and reliability, confirmed by the trust of our partners.

Our values



We build cooperation on a partnership basis. This is the most important value for us in the entire business. We want to collaborate with you to achieve common goals. We provide fair business relations and an open approach. With us you gain a partner for your projects.


Passion and commitment

We are passionate about what we do. Each project is another challenge for us which we derive personal satisfaction from. We implement projects with full commitment to develop the most optimal and effective solution possible.



We do not avoid the difficulties associated with our activities. We are responsible for the effects of the implemented projects. We do not leave any problem unsolved. If we make mistakes, we learn from them so that we can turn them into our common success in the future.


Top quality

We are not satisfied with half-measures that lead to unsatisfactory results. We carry out our projects with the utmost care. We also make sure that all requirements and standards related to the projects we implement are met. We cannot do it any other way. Thanks to this, we can guarantee high quality.



We adapt to your needs, possibilities and plans. We perfectly understand that industry and technological projects are dynamic issues. That is when we are in our element. Therefore we always try to respond quickly and efficiently so that our cooperation brings the intended results.


24/7/365 support

We want to be a trustworthy partner for you. We respond to emergency situations immediately. We will take care of your machinery so that production can run smoothly. We are here for you.

Our strategic Partners

 Bureau Veritas 

We are a proud partner of Bureau Veritas. A global company operating in the field of TIC (Testing-Inspection-Certification). BV is the largest and oldest company of its kind in the world. Our cooperation has been going on continuously since 2015. Together, we implement projects related to customer support in the field of inspection and consulting regarding machine safety. We implement projects for clients from all over the world, independently and in cooperation with local BV branches. Cooperation with BV gives us great satisfaction. This cooperation allows us to improve our processes by meeting stringent requirements resulting from the scale of BV's operations, as well as through regular workshops and calibrations in which we actively participate.

Bureau Veritas
Omron Safety Services


Our competences related to machine safety, as well as the quality of the services provided, were noticed by Omron. Omron is a global brand providing industrial automation solutions. As part of its activities, it also provides comprehensive services related to machine safety – from inspection to remediation. We are honored to be part of the projects implemented by Omron Safety Services Europe. We have been cooperating with Omron since 2018. We provide support related to engineering consulting, as well as implement projects for the adaptation and modernization of machines. Together we have implemented a number of projects both in Poland and in Central European countries. We have also been awarded the title of „Omron Integration Partner”.



A sister company. Together we implement more complex projects, complementing each other. RobotiseIT specializes in programming robots and PLC controllers, implementing projects both in Europe and the USA. RobotiseIT has extensive experience in programming and commissioning industrial lines in industries such as automotive, chemical, FMCG and tobacco. It specializes in conveying, spot welding, gluing, MiG welding, drilling, screwdriving, riveting, vision systems and rolling applications. Company also has extensive experience in implementing applications with collaborative robots (cobots).


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