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Control, monitoring and control of manufacturing processes

Our goal is to provide a wide range of services for the industry, including the construction of machines and production stations, digitization of production, modernization of processes and integration of production systems. We provide extensive services – from concept development, execution, commissioning and post-design maintenance.

We do not limit ourselves to conventional solutions and willingly focus on innovative concepts. In our projects, we focus on effective technical solutions. We keep up to date with emerging ideas and new solutions in the field of industrial automation. In our projects, we focus on solutions consistent with the concept of "Industry 4.0".

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Work more efficiently and sustainably using data and technology.

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Investments in automation

Industrial automation is the technique of connecting various areas of a factory's infrastructure to improve the efficiency and reliability of process control systems. This in turn leads to lower costs, better quality, greater flexibility and a lower environmental impact.
Automation is a key need for every manufacturing facility. Especially in times of difficulties in obtaining employee resources or increasing costs of running a business. Investments in automation reduce the impact of external disruptions related to the general economic environment. Thanks to automation, you can increase the competitiveness of your production. Automation unleashes new production resources while bringing operational savings. Moreover, well-executed automation has a positive impact on the environment by reducing energy consumption in the production processes.

Automation helps evolving

Currently, there is a dynamic development of automation techniques. There is an evolution towards the Industry of the Future (also known as Industry 4.0, Smart Factory). Modern automation concentrates around industrial sensors added to industrial equipment with wired and wireless connectivity technologies, as well as more efficient energy conversion technologies. A larger number of sensors measuring appropriate infrastructure dimensions allows for more accurate process control, indicator analysis and prediction of actions. The consequence may be a dramatic reduction in costs and energy consumption in production systems. Industry 4.0 responds to the challenges of the changing economy. It further optimizes processes, helps increase competitive advantage and has a positive impact on the company's external image.

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Improving indicators

To control processes we need indicators. Automation allows you to collect necessary production data. Thanks to them, you will be able to observe bottlenecks and identify areas requiring corrective actions.

Continuity of production

Automation increases resistance to problems related to access to production resources. It increases production capacity, speeds up processes while reducing the need for human labour. It also allows for increased production flexibility and the introduction of quick changes in response to market demand.

Increased efficiency

Properly implemented automation increases the efficiency of processes without the need to incur additional service costs. Automation of areas where human work does not add value brings a quick return on investment, which increases the profitability of the business.

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