Increase the flexibility of palletizing and depalletizing tasks using a cobot


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Palletizing station using a collaborative robot (cobot, collaborative robot). The station works with most collaborative robots available on the market. Load capacity up to 30 kg. Palletizing height up to 2.5 m.

  • Quick setup
  • Self-integration
  • Easy layout changes
  • Space saving
  • Human-machine cooperation
  • Short ROI


Install, select a recipe and act. The design of the palletizing station allows for quick integration with most collaborative robots available on the market. The robot's base is a movable pedestal with an electric linear drive. The pedestal is connected to the robot's control system, which recognizes it as the 7th axis. The robot's pedestal allows you to change the working height from 70 to 120 cm. Thanks to this, depending on the robot used, it is possible to palletize up to 2.5 m in height of a full pallet. The mounting of the robot is compatible with the integration of industrial robots from manufacturers such as Universal Robots, KUKA, Fanuc, OMRON, Hyundai and ABB.’ Upon special request, it is possible to produce a mounting to any other robot that meets the requirements of permissible dimensions and base load capacity.

The flexibility of the solution allows for implementation at various workstations and easier retooling for another task. The ability to freely program the safety scanner zone and cooperation with the robot system allows it to work while maintaining appropriate safety requirements.


Functional design

The CoPaletizer construction ensures easy integration and quick changeovers between tasks.



An integrated heart with a control cabinet and a robot with a seventh axis


Space for a fork

The design allows for transport between stations using a simple pallet truck


Two workstations

The solution has the ability to work alternately


Intuitive operation

The CoPaletizer software allows for quick programming, visualization and diagnostics of the robot's operation


Higher safety level

Despite the use of a collaborative robot, CoPaletizer is additionally equipped with three safety scanners. This allows the robot's work cycle to be accelerated. The scanners allow you to set access zones with variable robot operating speed, so that any dangerous collision is impossible.

For our solution, we only use robots that meet strict safety requirements. The robots are equipped with appropriate sensors that detect contact with an obstacle, which causes immediate stopping of work.

CoPaletizer does not require additional fencing. Thanks to this, the entire application takes up less space and access in emergency situations is unlimited.

  1. Universal Robots
  3. KUKA
  4. Hyundai
  5. ABB

...and many other cobots.

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